Our Mission

This website exists to support Christian families like yours.

Those who hold fast to Christian beliefs that seemed nearly universal a generation ago now fear it will cost them their livelihoods.

Meanwhile millions are recognizing that when they buy from a company like Amazon, they are supporting a business that creates content that subverts and mocks their beliefs.

And when they’re not mocking you, odds are they’re looking for opportunities to export your job or your friend’s job to an anti-Christian country with lower wages.

At this website, we support and promote Christian-owned businesses. Our primary interest is in companies manufacturing in America, but look for ways to support our brothers elsewhere as well, particularly in mission lands.

Buying from these companies will not make you holier or a better Christian. It will, however, help support Christian families live Christian lives. It will help create jobs in companies where Christians are free to be Christians. Someday you, or your children, or your friends, might be looking for a job at a place like that.

We will create a ready market for Christain entrepreneurs who want to provide alternatives to global woke corporatocracy.

We wil indirectly evangelize the culture, by making Christian businesses more prominent.

Sounds great, right? How can you help?

Please tell us about great Christian-owned companies. Share this list with friends.

Proportionally, we Christians are fewer than we were, but we are yet many. This is the time to support each other. The best time was decades ago. The next best is today. Stand firm and we will succeed.